Saturday, July 27, 2013

Rain: Poetry in Motion

Rain drops of rhythm and song
A monotony of calm prayers long
A chaos forgotten in a crystal mine
Balanced with indifference, a sign

Thunders and lightning of love
High and mighty, yet high above
Chaos in passion feeling mellow
Balanced with the rhythm below

Times have wondered gone and past
And ones to come forever last
Screaming to find answers so few
Balance and reason and all that's true

The answer, my friend
Is blowing in the wind
The answer
Is blowing in the wind

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hungry Tide

Out of inspiration from the book and boredom of the summer

Monday, April 11, 2011

A Pair of Wings

Image courtesy: Memphis86 at deviantart


Cry with me now

Tears will follow

Did you not

Know ?

From the very start

So why does it hurt

If we could grow a pair of wings

We could fly away to the east

And build a tree-house, in paradise

If we could walk away from the world

We could go to cliffs up north

And live in a cave in paradise


Scream with me now

The pain will subside

What did we


That we can live through

The great distance

If we could grow a pair of wings

We could fly away to the east

And build a tree-house, in paradise

If we could walk away from the world

We could go to cliffs up north

And live in a cave in paradise


Take my hand now

Walk with me

Let’s try and


Take the plunge and see

If we can survive

We don’t need a pair of wings

We could still fly to the east

And build a tree-house, in paradise

We could walk away from the world

We could go to cliffs up north

And live in a cave in paradise

Inspired by Snow Patrol: Chasing Cars

Friday, March 18, 2011

Mandolin Man

Image courtesy: Fire Opal 14 on

Lying on my bed, a lazy afternoon

Nothing’s on the radio, dozed away soon

A distant music in the silence made want to me smile

Made me want to laugh for a longer little while

It’s not just the music, there’s story in it

Is it mine or is it yours, or just on love is it?

It plucks on slowly at me, makes me want to cry

Makes me want to laugh again, and makes me want to try

Mandolin Man

Where did you come from, where will you go

Mandolin Man

What is your secret, I want to know

Mandolin Man

You stole my heart now, with just a few notes

Mandolin Man

I sing along with you as my heart floats

Singing along with you, singing the same tune

Lost my senses, come now dance under the moon

What a lovely sunflower, what a pretty rose!

How come I never sat by and watched when the sun rose

Singing along with you, I forgot everything

A traveler can’t stay just for a pretty thing

Even if the love is strong, and the music says it all

You have to go I know, yet the heart will take a fall

Mandolin Man

I’ll think of you every day, and your lovely song

Mandolin Man

All things you said and heard, my heart will long

Mandolin Man

It’s true I love you, I love you so

Mandolin Man

For one last time I say, please don’t go

I recently bumped into a song called The Mandolin Man and His Secret by Donovan. The title sounded lovely, like an old epic love song. I was very disappointed when I heard it (and read it). Yet it inspired me to try my own hand (and my own voice) at it. Here is what I got. No, there is no audio clip. May be a month later, I would feel like it to record.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Miss You, Dear Friend

Miss you
When I see the sun shine
When the sun plays behind the clouds
When the Indian flag flutters
When the leaves call me (us)
When the flowers are not red
When I see the waters at the beach
When I see a flute or a feather
When I see the candle
When I see the butterflies
And in all of them
I see you
And remember
You are my friend
As much as I am yours

(26th July, 2004)

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Gift-Wrapped !

Look outside your window Step outside that door

Let the sunshine inside Let the warmth flow

Walk again in the woods Wilderness at stake

Packed up in a gift-wrap Hold out your hand, just take

Forgive me my friend For the stupid moments

Five or ten from now Laugh or cry, it depends

But today I won’t blame you If you don’t see the fireworks

Trust the tale that’s told now In the shadows it lurks

Why oh why do things change Wait, I don’t see it move

Nomadic movement I see Everywhere I approve

But now is not the moment To think twice or thrice or more

Let the sunshine inside Let the warmth flow

Facebook is a playground Blogging I no longer do

In fear of fears that see Evading the loneliness true

Let my poems shift base To gather sipping ice

Hear and see it all weird Sleeping walking and breathing lies

But not today no no It is the time to glow

Let the sunshine inside Let the warmth flow

Pieces in the puzzle now It’s what you make

Packed up in a gift-wrap Hold out your hand, just take

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Driving Down the Road

Turned the ignition on
Slowly I eased on to the road
With a cheque book gift-wrapped with a little bow
Lying on the next seat

I started driving
Down the winding road
With a little red ribbon and its bow
On the cheque book on the next seat

I kept driving
Into the city full of toys
And so many new things that came by
With gift-wraps and little bows

Window shopping
All way to the new stores
Shows and handbags with glittery gems
And many new dresses

Hanging by the window
All so tempting to be taken
I stepped down whenever whatever
Everything into the backseat

Things kept piling
Bills with ink and fading
Stuffed with excess baggage back there
Full of colors and cute little noises

Tired of driving
Drove into a motel down the road
Parked the car at the parking, full to the core
With a cheque book in my hand

On the bed, just lying
Thinking of all the things
Lying in the backseat to the brim
Colors and cute noises

Then to throw it
Throw it all way for one
On little precious thing better than
All the excess baggage

Walked to car
Dumped it all out of
Picked the one thing I would want
Threw it all away

Started driving
With a cheque book next
To me in gift-wrap and a little bow
A precious one in the backseat

In the drone
Of the driving I couldn't
Hear the tin-can tattering at the back
A tin-can tied to the rear

Picked up
My scissors to cut
The tin-can out of the way
Cut the rope

Couldn't do it
May be tomorrow
May be another tomorrow
Let it be for a while

In the drone
Of the driving I couldn't
I couldn't hear it ever at all
Let it be for a while

Started driving down the road
A precious one in the backseat
In next, cheque book gift-wrapped with a little bow
A tin-can tattering tied to the rear

Maybe tomorrow
Another morrow
One precious better
Than a backseat full
Yet a tin-can tatters
Cheque book never ends
Cheque book gift-wrapped with a little bow
And precious in the backseat

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Why Can't We Smile ?

Tell me
Why does the heart beat
Faster in fear than fun
Why do memories stay
Longer in pain than fun

Tears move mountains
Sad songs make you cry
Hurt brings humanity
Loss brings wisdom

Why do we always
Grab on you despair
Why cant the world speak
Of good and happy

Does a pretty picture
Of a sole sunflower
Never win a prize
Does the drought-struck land
With a starving kid
Win all accolades

Why can't we all smile
Why can't we all cry
Joy, tears of joy
Why can't we all smile

A Sunflower-Shaped Cake

A sunflower-shaped cake
So full so beautiful
Candles lit all over
Ready, waiting to be blown
Holding promises
Of wishes to come true
Cake so tempting
I's like to make a wish
And take a delicate bite
Part of me says do it
Wishes shall come true
And the cake is your heaven
Don't! says another
The last you had was burnt
By the flame of wishing candles
Yet another part
Makes a wish skywards

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Tire Swings

I went to the park for a little walk
Thought I'd get a moment to finally talk
But you never looked around when I walked by your side
And when I followed you, you glared at me with spite

I never could have given up
If I were so strong
But I m just a little girl
Who got it all wrong
I could have been all that
Assertive type
If I had known it would work
and that's what you'd like

But it never works like we had
Always planned
So when it doesnt work we
Let it go and stand

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


In a different language
That no one can speak nor hear

In a lighter tone
that no one can play

For a thoughtful reason
That no one can rationalise

In a wonderful world
that you make for yourself

That you wanna be the
that you wanna be that
that you can
That it's the
you wanna be

But not afraid
but not broken
but still fragile
but beautiful

Abstract realism